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Joe's Progress by pictsy Joe's Progress by pictsy
From top to bottom.

I actually started with a sketch in a sketch book. I found it slightly easier roughing out the pose with pencil and paper than I did using my tablet. Once I had my rough, I did a digital rough of the pose that pretty much resembled what I had done on paper. Perhaps with a few tweaks here and there. For Joe I wanted some nonchalant and feminine. It was the hardest pose to get right.

In retrospect I should have moved straight on to the base colours from this point, but I thought I'd try a different route. I hadn't done character work in a long time so I fell back into old routines and did line art. I was mostly pleased with my line art, but the one I did for Joe didn't quite feel right. It was only when I laid down the base colour that I realised that I had made some mistakes, forgetting the boots and gloves. I was also unhappy with basque.

I pretty much had to redo most of Joe and for the most part I think I made a wise choice. I tried to keep as much of the original colouring as was possible, but when it came to Joe there wasn't much left when I got my detailed colouring finished.

The next stage and possibly one my most favourite stages was adding some depth, adding shadows and highlights. For this I used multiply, overlay and colour dodge layers. This is the stage I always feel the image comes to life.

Once it was finished I pasted Joe onto a background I made messing about with the original line art I did for all the ABC Warriors.

Joe Pineapples and ABC Warriors are copyright of Rebellion.
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February 10, 2013
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